2020 weddings and 2021 Receptions

In 2020 couples are nervous, vendors are worried and the world holds so many uncertainties. Last week we received news that wedding venues can operate at 50% capacity with some restrictions. So what does this mean to you? Well, we are seeing some trends with our bookings and I’m excited to experience them along with our engaged couples.

Small wedding now big reception later. This is happening with many of our bookings. If you had to downsize your big ceremony to a small one and still want to party let’s get talk about some beauty services for both events.

Photo by Fusion Photography
Makeup by Louisa w The Beauty Patrol

Small intimate ceremonies are so awesome for couples who love to be in the moment. We have created a custom package for just the couple to include services for both female and male clients. Hey, he needs a little pampering too! Whether it’s a bride and groom, two grooms, or two brides love is love 🌈. The I Do for Just You Two is a creative yet beautiful way to customize a wedding experience for couples only.

Photos by Sarah Katherine Davis
Makeup and Hair by Michaela and Shawn w The Beauty Patrol

Now for you party animals! Having a great big post wedding celebration is order for couples who want to share the celebration with all the friends and family who couldn’t be at their actually matrimony day. I think 2021 is going to hold some epic parties after we recover from the current Covid crisis. Let’s get you and your friends ready to party with some fun makeup and hair!

Let’s party! Photo by Katie McBroom
Makeup and Hair by Pamela, Brooke and Alexis w The Beauty Patrol

Finally, there is always a way to celebrate your love! While we know it’s hard to adjust your original plans but we will be here to help you customize your wedding day experience big or small.

Mask Style

So I never thought I would be wearing a mask in public. As our professionals slowly start to return to work with proper protection we want to share with you how to feel polished while wearing a mask. I haven’t been wearing makeup and styling my hair much lately but I’m wanting to get back into dressing well and looking professional instead of my quarantine lounge wear.

Many of our clients are still working even if it’s virtually. Attending small social gatherings or enjoying outdoor activities that are permitted during the pandemic are ways to make it easier mentally. Fashion isn’t infected, skincare products are in demand and self care is routine.

With salons and other beauty professionals closed for two months, we all need a little tlc and some new creative beauty routines. I know I miss my facials and waxing appointments from my friends at Clique Boutique. I did order from their wonderful skincare line and I highly recommend if you can’t get in for a service, get their recommendations for proper skincare. This is one of my quarantine purchases and I’ll be getting more!

Available at cliquebeauty.com

Helen on our team has been busy with re opening of her salon at Voury but here are her recommendations: “I think the best style For wearing a mask right now is hair pulled off of the face… Clip bangs back using @cultandking balm to help those Flyaways! It also can be a moisturizer for your under eyes… For me I feel like taking the time for your face being covered up use some moisturizer underneath your mask… Like Annmarie anti-aging facial oil”

Helen is Bee tiful!!!! 🐝
Available from Vouvry Salon

Breanna had the best tips to prevent mask breakouts either from the contact perimeters of the mask or from wearing a mask long term. If you are wearing a mask and have irritated skin where the edges of a mask sits, Breanna said to use Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream to help calm irritation. She also said to be sure your mask is properly laundered prior to wearing and if possible to spray alcohol on the mask, let it air dry to kill trapped bacteria.

I like to carry a face wipe to keep the area clean. In addition to gentle moisture and sunscreen. I’m wondering when we will see mask tan lines this summer! These are my favorite little individually wrapped wipes. Pocket sized and stays moist. I also carry a mini oil diffuser with a oil blend of rose, lavender and lemon to help my mask be an aromatherapy experience. The oils are skin friendly so I also get the skin benefits of them. I use Melaleuca oils in addition to their eco friendly laundry soap, disinfectants and vitamins. For melaleuca just message me pam@thebeautypatrol.com. I love the products! We are using this to clean our studios and it’s EPA approved.

As we become more accustomed to our masked attire I think we should use them to show our swagger! I initially ordered just plain masks but I’m having fun choosing a less sober mask and choosing the functional yet fun options. Lyndsey looking good her in her cosmic mask that is out of this world!

Lyndsey does permanent brows and liner to look flawless in a flash!

Michaela likes a powder mineral sunscreen so that the residue doesn’t transfer to mask. She has one that’s spf 50 available from https://www.eternityrejuvenation.com She spends a lot time outdoors with her dog and has a new bike so she wants to protect her skin while exercising.

Alexis uses face framing hair pieces and a concealer with her disposable “working masks”

Jessica said she loves her permanent brows but she has been avoiding makeup during her busy salon schedule because of sweat, glasses and working like a beast. Well I have a product for sweaty activities!

It’s getting hot in here

While we return to our new routines we will be masked and while we may not love it. We will put on our big girl/boy mask with smiling faces knowing we are doing our part to stay healthy at work. Spreading love not germs.

We are in this together

By the time you read this blog I have rescheduled over 40 weddings that are postponed due Coronavirus. It’s heartbreaking for so many couples and their loved ones. Most of our brides have been incredibly understanding while we navigate through this temporary crisis.

My small self employed business not only supports my livelihood but also helps sustain the families of my entire team of artists who are independent contractors with families of their own. It’s been a struggle to know what to do day by day. I’m trying to be informed about my decisions for the business all while I’m trying to juggle my regular inquiries for bookings in 2021. I wanted to share what has been happening since we are under a mandatory closure of our studio and my team had to abruptly stop working.

I took a lot steps to legitimize my business In recent years. I invested to do this legally, with integrity and respecting the beauty industry standards. By doing these things as I should I am able to receive some relief. I was too late and too small for any SBA advances. I’m by nature optimistic so I’ve got to put on my big girl business britches and be smart about my next move.

In addition to the focus of keeping my business alive, I’ve got to plan on how to safely re enter our weddings for both our clients and my team. We have always focused on sanitation but we will be implementing extra precautions before we go back to client interactions. One thing that we have to be mindful about is protecting our most vulnerable people and if that means declining services then that’s what will need to happen. I love beauty services but I’m not willing to risk serious illness to look good.

I miss my teammates!

When we are allowed to work with proper precautions we will slowly return to a passion that we have so desperately needed to feel whole. What we need from each other is understanding, patience and loyalty. I’ve been working tirelessly for our team and clients. We want you back. We want our life back. We want the smiles and hugs we get from happy customers. We miss our friends in the vendor community and we are watching them also fight against Covid19 like a Mama Bear protecting their cubs. We will get thru this and we will be together again.

Follow This

Someone walked up to me at a event last week and said “your marketing is on point”. Now this came from a highly respected wedding planner that I’ve wanted to love me for the last 5 years, so I of course almost fainted. I am not a marketing expert, I’m a pragmatic businesswoman.

Behind the scenes social post

In the age of our lives both professional and personal so easily accessed I’ve carefully curated my social media to emote an authentic version of me and my business. The Beauty Patrol has never paid for followers, bought fake reviews (I didn’t know this was a thing till recently) or had a social media expert run our team page. I have 6 active social media profiles. Some professional and some personal. My professional accounts are for showing not only my work but also my team’s talents. My personal accounts are mostly family, animals, cooking, and travel. Even on my personal accounts I keep it very PG. Here is something that might shock you….Followers don’t equal dollars and Likes do not equal talent.

Personal IG post

My business has a fair amount of following within the wedding/photography community. And truth is in 2020 we are getting more brides from IG than in the past. I think if of our IG as a portfolio and entertainment experience not a booking tool. Most of our paying clients come from……Referrals and our Website!!!

I love the community of having a social media network to learn from and inspire me. Sometimes I think people are foolish about the way they present their lives even if it is on a personal page. Maybe I’m the fool but I’m going to keep being me. I hope both my business and personal life flourish.

Pay to Play

I want referrals who come from a place of genuine respect, mutual service goals and partnerships with vendors who like our results. I do not pay money to be referred. This is not be confused with paying for advertising. I advertise with booking websites (The Knot) and publications.

Referrals come to us in an organic form (word of mouth) because someone had a positive experience not because I’m paying someone to say my team is the best. And if I did pay a wedding vendor or past client to refer my business, would they then pay me too? I’ve given plenty of vendors business simply because I know they provide a great experience. And if a person is charging me money to send me business leads, how do I know that I’m the only beauty provider paying for such leads? It’s a slippery slope when money is exchanged to give leads from one vendor to another.

As for my role with a team of beauty professionals, I’m not referring them. They are representing my brand therefore I am the administrator for their services. I do their marketing, emails, contracts and social media to promote The Beauty Patrol. My fee for administration of their booking is not at the expense of my brides. It’s the same rate that you would pay my team if you hired them direct. The team compensates me for procurement of clients. To put it simply, some of my artists are behind the chair full time and need my services because they are so busy. Now if another makeup or hair professional outside of my team is doing a great work and my team isn’t available, I would be happy to send them clients we cannot accommodate and expect nothing from simply passing along their contact information.

“Paying to play” is not happening with The Beauty Patrol. If you get a referral for us we will happily thank the person and maybe offer them a non monetary surprise. Happy clients equals happy vendors and more business. Integrity, honesty and loyalty are the key to successful business relationships and that is how I choose to promote my brand.

Growing A Brand

In 2011 I stepped down from a management position with a cosmetic company where I worked for over 10 years. I was ok at my job but it was a job not a career. I was really scared to walk away from a company that basically treated employees who were loyal and dedicated like disposable mascara wands. It was stressful and exhausting but I liked it for a long time. I knew that I wanted to be a makeup artist, but I needed money. I was pretty decent with business and a somewhat ok makeup artist. Truth: I was a go getter but clueless. Lots of black in my retail days! Doing business on my flip phone.

Two of my BP artists who have now created their own thriving businesses. Brooke and Louisa, I’m so proud of y’all!

I used social media to procure business. i was undercharging for cash and a few bounced checks but I began to learn how to legitimately operate a freelance makeup business. I learned some hard lessons. I almost quit a few times. I got stiffed, attacked by a dog in a bad neighborhood and had some less than desirable clients who only booked me because I was cheap and reliable. It wasn’t all bad though! I made some memories and had some laughs. My experience with drag queens, actors, musicians, dancers, bridezillas, centerfolds, socialites, photographers, and agencies kept me entertained.

The Beauty Patrol 2017

You’ve heard to make money you have to spend money. It’s so true! It started with expanding my skills, getting a website and instead of being a side hustler I went full force ahead to legitimize my business. With no apologies I raised my rates I wanted to be the best. I wanted/needed respect. Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t serve me. I had to make this crazy creative life work for my family’s livelihood.

Fast forward to 2020 where I have a team of 17 artists. A thrilling adventure that took years to finesse and I’m still working to raise the bar with The Beauty Patrol. I am ready for our best year yet and I am so happy that we are building a brand that benefits our clients.

It’s getting hot in here

Kentucky has some humid weather! As a wedding makeup artist, it’s my job to make sure your makeup doesn’t melt off. With temperatures in the 90s traditional makeup techniques may not work. Just simply adding a setting spray isn’t enough for sweltering temperatures of the Ohio Valley in August. Here are some tips stay cool on your wedding day.

1. Drink lots of water. Hydrate with some chilled lemon H2O all day.

2. Wear lightweight/breathable clothing. Nothing tight or binding.

3. Use a portable hand held fan. Especially for outdoor ceremonies. Amazon has some great options.

4. If you have long hair chose an up style to keep hair off the neck.

5. Choose a clear deodorant spray in place of body powders that can leave behind residue.

6. Waterproof everything! Mascara/eyeliner/brow gel/airbrushing. Our techniques give you a long lasting makeup regardless of heat, tears or extreme dance moves. We will have you looking fresh in the most unlikely scenarios. We even have products that will stop face sweating.

So don’t sweat it if it’s hot on your wedding day. We will be there to help you keep cool.


My Artist Community

Lately I have realized the importance of having a community who can understand the artist in me. Choosing the creative life for your career path has it’s complications. The makeup part of my job is the one that comes naturally. Now let’s talk about the non makeup parts which I find are a trial and error. Technology, social media, legalities and administration are non artistic duties that are vital to my existence as a professional. No one understands an artist like an artist. I rely on my professional circle and hard knocks to finesse my own process.

I usually speak to other makeup artists multiple times per week. I have a community not only within my team and in Louisville but around the world. I make it a point to seek out friendships with the same career path because we get each other like no one else! When I’m pumped about a successful day or if I’m feeling low I know just who to call. Having friends in the business is rewarding. Your own insecurities will dissipate with the support of your peers.

Photo by Drake and Eliza Photography

With confidence in my skill, wild determination and a commitment to my artist community I am a thriving individual. I want to thank all of the makeup/hair professionals who have supported me. Without them I wouldn’t be here and I would encourage you to find your tribe too.

Prepare yourself

Yay! You booked The Beauty Patrol for your makeup and hair. I hope you are enjoying this joyous moment because now that you are confirmed we got work to do to get you in the best place for bridal makeup and hair. Yes, work! This brush isn’t a magic wand and there are steps that can be taken months in advance that help you be a breathtaking bride. Let’s talk about your skin health and how to get the bridal glow!

Makeup by Pamela Butler

This makes total sense but drinking water is a must. Skincare that includes a daily cleanser, toner, moisturizer and SPF is a no brainer too. Well, those are basics but let’s elevate your normal routine. Gentle exfoliation, masks, serums and eye cream along with some appropriate skin oils are oh so lovely. A diet of healthy foods can compliment your current regimen. Supplements for skin health include vitamin e/biotin/collagen/antioxidants/omegas nourish from the inside out. All this can be done on your own or under the care of a professional med spa. We love the team at Avanti Skincare for facials/injectables and dermaplaining. We encourage the combination of dermaplaining with our airbrush makeup. It creates a silky smoothness on skin.


Tanning is not healthly. You know this but if you want a bronzed look a good organic spray tan will work. Do a test run and make sure you love the color. Sunburns and tan lines are no fun for brides. Sit in the shade at the pool!

Excessive alcohol/smoking/drinking can also cause unwanted damage leading up to your ceremony. Moderate drinking is to be expected (it’s a celebration!) A hangover is not pretty, avoid those shots at 3am the night before you marry your true love.

Sleep makes you feel great and look rested. Get those ZZZs!

Eyebrows need to be groomed. Waxing is our preference. A tint is also a little something that we feel takes you from the wedding to the honeymoon with flawless ease. A guarentee your brow color will stay is with a tint. Brow services need to be completed the week before your wedding.

To be honest I do not like lash extensions. I do however love a lift and tint for lashes. Talk about a flawless natural way to look glam in an effortless way. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The hair experts on our team want you to get your hair cut/color service 2 weeks out. They also reccomend treatments like anti frizz and deep conditioning. If you use hot tools be sure to use heat protection. Investing in professional hair care and styling tools helps your stylist achieve your hair goals.

Hair by Brooke Meadows

And if you have been contemplating the thought of permanent makeup our ladies at Bluebird Ink Boutique can provide microblading/permanent cosmetics for eyeliner and lips. They are experts in their field.


Service not Servants

Being in a service oriented business for well over 20 years and not just in the bridal industry, I can only imagine some service horror stories. The customer is often confused, frustrated and upset by circumstances that are exasperated by several factors. When and if you have a unhappy client, the most committed service providers need to LISTEN and EMPATHIZE. Clients want to feel heard first and foremost. I am forever grateful to have clients who have invested their hard earned dollars for our services. As a business owner removing emotions but acknowledging the client emotions is a necessary step to resolution. We love servicing clients to the best of our abilities with the upmost respect. We are not however your servants.

“All ears! I’m listening!”

Sometimes in weddings or other events clients become unserved by their own actions. I have held crying babies/moms/brides. With weddings I’ve had my share of clients with hangovers, intoxication and I have even been puked on. Yes, that is a fact. That is a little bump in the road but not a deal breaker when it comes down to the client interaction. The following is what not only what I consider intolerable but I’ve listened to other artists explain why some clients are a hard pass when we are considering you as a client.

1. Not respecting our policy (a busy professional doesn’t need to make exceptions) when we have a policy it’s not to give you a hard time. Its our best practices to give you the client a clear expectation.

2. Excessive requests. Your 27 emails about your eyeliner are a little red flag that we cannot ignore.

3. Micro management of your artist. Example: holding the mirror the entire process, instructing artist what to use/how to use and when to use a product. Wanting us to give you lists of all of our products. Texting us after hours. If you give us a little trust and confidence, your results are better than scrutinizing our every move.

4. Respect our time. Artists with a high demand for services will not be able to accommodate lateness/constant rescheduling requests. If we tell you that your appointment is an hour and you arrive 30 minutes late then you will receive a express service. We want you to have the full luxury of your entire service. Punctuality is important especially for weddings!

5. Unrealistic expectations. We cannot make you into a snapchat filter, remove years of neglected skin or reverse the aging process. We can help and guide you to a better place.

This was a controversial article and I wrote it to make it clear that sometimes we aren’t a good fit for the job. Taking on clients is a huge commitment and while we absolutely adore 99% of our customers sometimes that 1% makes it’s way to our inbox. We will respectfully decide to pass on your business if we feel we are unable to please you.