I bet your job is fun

Whenever I hear “I bet your job is fun” from people in my makeup chair, I respond with “absolutely, I love it!” In reality the makeup part is very fun. When I think of fun jobs what comes to my mind is someone who has the best life by spending their career time in a passion based business. My passion is people, makeup is just our connection. I’m sure I wouldn’t thrive in a job that didn’t expose me to new people. For the most part, I love people! The mental part of the job is having great energy whether it’s a photo shoot, wedding or a special occasion for the client. I’ve been in scenarios when the energy isn’t good as a result of varying factors and it most certainly affects the outcomes. My best experiences as a makeup artist are emotionally based between the client and me. 
Behind the scenes photo with a very fun client, Carrie and Alexis Mattingly from my team at Ben Marcum Studios

Then there is a not so fun part of being a makeup artist and as in any other career there are tasks that I find difficult. Being your own boss requires self discipline. I have almost fired myself a few times. You also have to be responsible for your own motivation. If I feel stuck in a rut, I know it’s time for me to take a break and do things that help me refresh so when I do return to work that I miss it. Your work life balance is the biggest challenge and the most crucial element to happiness. After wedding season I take a vacation. One of my favorites was the Pacific coast in Oregon and it was such a beautiful place that I gained inspiration that came back to work with me. Spending time with your loved ones without work is the best! 

Bill (my handsome husband) and I during our trip to Oregon. 

So yes my job as makeup artist is alot more fun than some jobs I’ve had in my lifetime. In my past life I have worked on a farm, in restaurants, salons, retail, and corporate America. Each job had it’s ups and downs but my makeup career is the one with the most highs that leave me confident that I’ve landed in the exact place I’m destined. 

My job is fun



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