2017 the good, the bad and in between 

I’m not really sure what I will change about 2018. I did a few things in 2017 that were definitely a learning curve and every day I seem to pick up new insight on how to make my business thrive in a competitive market. Weddings just keep getting better every year and with that comes changes. I’ve listed some thoughts below that I believe make a difference with the bride and the bridal party.  We won Best of Weddings with The Knot so I’m kicking off the year in a positive position. 

1. Brides are getting wiser. There are many ways for brides to get information on vendors. You are always being watched by someone who is a potential client. I hear many stories. Brides talk alot! Just because you do good work doesn’t mean you can slip up on other areas. The wedding industry is growing. You are replaceable and they will not only replace you for being unprofessional, they will tell everyone! Bad news spreads faster than good news. 

2. Mothers of the bride need to be treated like Queens. This can also apply to Mothers of Groom in some scenarios. Don’t short change Moms. Our job is hard. My own daughter married in June 2017. I wanted it to be perfect. It wasn’t but that’s ok and the people who tried to make me feel less stressed are the ones I refer to engaged couples. 

Photo by Jessica and Sarah Photography

Mom is a big part of the day photo by Jessica and Sarah Photography

 3. There are always some clients who aren’t right for you. I had a client last year that trialed but didn’t book. I could have taken it personally but in reality I wasn’t a good fit for that wedding. Know when to bow out gracefully. Let them Go! 

4. This one is tricky. Sometimes self employment feels like a license to say anything you think or feel. WRONG! Cool, calm and collected 24/7 is the best policy. 

Just grin and bear it

5. Alot of people like my team because we are active, interested and customer service focussed. Sometimes it is simply response times. No one likes to wait for a repsonse. I sent an email out for a home project and it took the person a week to respond and in my head I was thinking (maybe I should find someone else for this job). The quicker the better. Clients appreciate the fastest response times. They feel important when I am prompt and detailed about their requests. 

6. Bridesmaids are your future clients. Giving them a lesser service is a mistake. Make time to make them feel special too. Too many of my colleagues believe running the business means watering down the bridesmaids requests. They are wrong. They opted to have you there too. Sometimes they are my biggest repeat clients. Yes it’s the brides day but those ladies might have their day some day too. 

Photo by Hannah Kik

7. Promote your best work. Don’t post every pic because you feel the need for social media activity. That pic of your bride with her tongue out. Skip it. Your trip to Starbucks everyday….not relevant. Coffee is life you don’t have to tell me.

8. Stay in your lane and don’t worry about anyone else. If I crash it will be of my own original mistake. If  I soar I want it to be because I worked for it. I do what I do and I hope I’m successful. Being authentic and coming up with my own plans has always worked best for me.  As makeup artist the person whose face is in your hands should be the only inspiration. 



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