Weddings are like rodeos

I used to be cowgirl. Barrel racing every weekend at the small arenas in the rural parts of Arkansas where I grew up. Horses are big creatures and so much fun to ride. Unfortunately, I developed some pretty intense allergic reactions to them when I turned 18 years old. This ain’t my first rodeo! I’m not allergic to weddings yet. 

At the rodeo there is alot cheering and hollering for the cowboys and cowgirls. In my hometown it could be hot as fire or cold as ice. The weather wouldn’t stop a good rodeo. It’s a family sport. Dangerous and exhilarating experiences enjoyed by both participants and spectators. My sister’s and I had our fair share of injuries from either high spirited horses or risky stunts. Not much different than some weddings I’ve attended. 

Weddings and rodeos have wranglers. The wedding ones are the planners, coordinators, and venue hosts. Their job is no easy task and sometimes underestimated. The rodeo wranglers caught lose animals, kept the riders and spectators safe plus accommodating anyone who needed it. Wedding wranglers do that plus some! Get a good one and you won’t be sorry. 

Rodeo contestants dress the part. Boots, hats, big belt buckles and dusty denim make a cowboy look authentic. Bridal parties also dress for the event. Alot of thought and planning go into coordinating the attire for the big day! Brides say yes to the dress! I’ve seen some very beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses that would make your heart buck like a wild bull. Your hair and makeup are the toppers like the hat to the cowboy. And to be sure you never forget how awesome you look having a good photographer/videographer there to capture it is a good plan. 

I took my grandkids to their first rodeo in Texas

My mom used to run a little diner at the rodeo arena. Cowboys and cowgirl burn alot of calories therefore they like to eat to fuel them up for competition. Wedding guests also like fueling up on plated dinners, bufetts and food trucks. And they love the cake!  Add some spirits and you got yourself a party! Weddings that have good food and drinks are the fuel for a memorable experience! 

One of my favorites

The National Anthem and a prayer are common at the rodeo. The reverence and respect for the sport and the riders is a traditional for as long as I can remember. Walking down the aisle to meet your future spouse is also a tradition. The music, the attire and setting with everyone watching! It brings the emotions out of even the toughest hearts. Weddings are emotional! Tears and laughter. Hugs and kisses. Ceremonies with traditions. Just like the rodeo.

Giddy up y’all for wedding season 2018, it’s going to be a good ride!


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