Lets all get along

So I have as many makeup artists followers as I do friends/clients on my social media. Why do you think they follow me or my business? Is to gain knowledge about my brand? Is it to copy my work? Is it because they think I’m entertaining? Do they hate my work or like it? Hmmmm, I wonder what their doing on my page? Guess What? I Love It!!!!! Go ahead and follow me! I’d love to get to know you better. Some of my best confidants are other makeup pros. I’m certainly not a social media wizard but I do find inspiration in the work of other makeup artists. I think it’s great to expand your professional networks to include your competitors and keep it classy! Celebrate their successes and be supportive during their fails. Who else is going to understand our profession better than those who practice it?

Makeup by me on another Makeup Artist…Bethany Kooyman /Photo by Ben Marcum

Now, I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never felt intimidated about another makeup artist poaching clients off my posts but if they are successful at it then maybe good ol karma will take care of it. I believe there are plenty of clients for me and all of my fellow artists. Much like a garden, with lots of florals. Each flower is unique and some people like roses while others like peonies. Both flowers that smell fragrant, look pretty but different. That’s how interpret the difference between makeup artists. Together we make a beautiful diverse bouquet.

I don’t do FX or Gore makeup. It’s not my thing but I do admire those that excel at it. I like clean, natural modern makeup. It’s a preference. I follow artists who do FX because it’s fascinating!

This week I saw a link to review someone in the business (not on my team) but I have worked with them often on weddings. I went to the website and gave her 5 star review⭐ Why? Because she is AWESOME! Another example is when a fellow competitor asked me about a booking process. I freely told her what I do in my process. I believe in elevating the industry and laying the foundation for others is a NO brainer!

With that being said, newer artists specifically don’t expect your mentors to hand you everything on a silver platter. It means more to work for some things and earn your footing instead of having someone hold your hand all the time.


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