Beauty Law

For once I’m going to blog about something more light hearted and funny. I often have people say things like “Do you look at everyone’s makeup with an artist eye?” Well, yes I do. When I created the name for my team The Beauty Patrol (Makeup and Hair Authorities) I jokingly said we should issue citations for violators of beauty laws. We see them everywhere we go! If you are worried about being a law abiding citizen, I have compiled a list for your protection. This is meant to be funny but I take the following very seriousđź‘®

Makeup by Pamela Butler Photo by Ben Marcum (law abiding citizen)

The Beauty Patrol understands that you love makeup! We do too! However if it takes you longer than an hour to get ready and you use more than 40 products on your face at a time. Go straight to jail and we are confiscating your Sephora Haul. This is the most serious of offenses. Chose a focus. Your full coverage, highlighted and contoured, fleeked brows, winged liner with a cut crease, glitter, three pairs of false lashes, and dark lips is hiding you. We like your face, let us see some of it!

The older you get the more makeup you need. “M’am, put down the brush nice and slow.” As we age we need less of some products like foundations and powders but more of others like lipsticks/blush/brow cosmetics.

Violations that will get you a warning but no jail time: tanning, not washing your face at bedtime, skipping moisturizer, and over drawn lip liner.

If you are guilty of any the above we encourage you to turn yourself over to authorities for a makeup lesson. We have reformed some beauty law breakers who are now law abiding citizens.


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