Makeup artist life

Today I have a schedule that begins at 3pm. I’m not sure what time I get off and I’m not sure what what my client expects or what they actually want. Welcome to the world of freelance! There are advantages to not punching the clock. There are also challenges. When I worked at a makeup counter I knew my working conditions, schedule, all the products available to me and what to expect in my day. As a freelance makeup pro, there will be unpredictable circumstances. Oh your client might send you photos of themselves or their desired look but when you arrive you might hear things like “I only have 30 minutes for this appointment, I only wear green eyeliner, glitter is goals, or I want to look like I’m wearing nothing but perfect” You have to make it work! This is makeup artist life.

Photo by Lindsey Whiting

Clients aren’t guilty of anything other than not knowing your profession inside and out. If I go to a chiropractor appointment, I don’t know their job requirements either. Why would I? I know that some career artists get very upset when clients throw them a curve ball with weird questions/requests or when clients ask for services out of the ordinary. It’s okay! Just because a client asks doesn’t mean you can’t guide them back to reality with grace and respect. Plenty of times I’ve had clients with great expectations, high demands and who required some coddling but it’s not all clients. Maintaining a game face and pleasant demeanor will get you far in these circumstances. Keep smiling. When you come out of the difficult scenarios on top you can go home and have a glass of wine. Wine is always better than whine.

I love my chosen career path. I love my clients, colleagues and makeup! If you find that your position as an artist is becoming stale then it’s time to evaluate your practices. Diversify your product choices, prepare your clients for services, and take time to breath before you react to obstacles.

I now offer coaching for future professionals to help them thru some challenges I had in the early stages of my career. For more information check out


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