It’s no secret

It’s no secret that running a business is hard. Things don’t happen overnight in most cases. As a professional makeup artist I find it more and more demanding to be constantly aware of product launches, trends, business demands, client expectations, and industry norms.

Cosmetics in my kit. It’s always evolving.

It’s no secret that a woman or man who hires a makeup artist wants to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. That makes complete sense to most right?

It’s no secret that being professional is an investment in your future business goals. Yes you can have fun and still not be a risk for a label. Drunk, sex crazed, politically hostile, self absorbed, etc. You know what I mean, that selfie in your bathroom of a drunken night out with you practically nude, mascara smudged and it’s obvious it was fun time. I’m not to judge but your potential clients…hmm

Too much? Nah. This is just Louisa with me on a Tuesday😎

Its no secret that social media has made much of our lives front and center. What does your social media say about you? This is what I think mine says. I’m serious about professional makeup artistry. I love my family, animals, and nature. I enjoy travel. I admire other art forms like home decorating, cooking, fashion and music.

The day I picked up my pet rooster “Harland”

Is oversharing something only my demographic believes unnecessary? Yeah, I’m older that most of my colleagues. Fortunately I am still young in my mind and I surround myself with some very refreshing millennials, gen y and z. My generation believes in work/life balance. Isn’t that the key to happiness? I think it’s no secret.

My sweet tribe of grandchildren on the beach last week

My point is that no matter what kind of culture you wish to create is that it’s no secret that anyone, everyone you come in contact with both in person and digitally will respect boundaries. My boundaries have worked for me and my business goals. Do you have business boundaries? Tell me your secrets!


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