Bridezilla, momzillas and I know more than you zillas

Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate that I haven’t been burdened with terrible experiences when it comes to weddings. I do get asked about bridezillas often. Trust me they are out there and I’m not saying I’ve never had one because I have stories! My secret is “I’m not available for your date” works when I get the inkling that a bride, Mom or anyone involved with my booking process has red flags. For the benefit of future brides and other vendors these are some of the red flags that apply in my industry.

1. Understanding the booking process and requirements. If you don’t include all the requested information and requested deposits/retainers to secure services but you have repeatedly emailed about it, I may assume you are not a serious client. It is very common for beauty pros to have booking minimums in peak season. I cannot afford to take a bride only in the middle of the day on the busiest Saturday of the year. At the time of booking your day I need to know the location, number of services and what time you need to be ready. I want your wedding day beauty to be a luxury experience that isn’t rushed and this will ensure you feel pampered!

2. The number one issue pros most often have challenges with are clients who do not respect our time. Being late or no shows for appointments are a sure fire way to get fired as a client. Especially if your pro jumped threw hoops to accommodate you for last minute requests. Just as it is an expectation for me to be punctual, we also expect it of clients. It can throw off our entire day and cause us to rush thru your appointment, miss lunch, work over, etc. No one likes a hangry artist!

3. Mom, you are very important. We love Mothers of Brides, Grooms and all Moms! I’m a Mom too. Motherhood is a hard freaking position. However when it comes to the bride…SHE IS OUR CLIENT. In order for the bride to feel her best we must follow her desired look and if mom wants something different, well this is when Mom won’t win. For example, I had a Mom who wanted to dictate the makeup her daughter wore for the wedding day regardless of the bride’s wishes. I didn’t book the client. I could tell the bride was uncomfortable with the request and I’m not willing to make any bride feel that way. Mom, I like different things than my daughter but I still love her. Let your daughter be the director of her beauty.

Photo by Jessica and Sarah Photography

4. This one is my favorite. We all know someone who is good at makeup right? I was at a wedding recently when a bridesmaid was talking about makeup to all the bridesmaids. She was educating them on products, techniques while she “did her face”. She opted to do her makeup instead using my services which is totally fine with me. The problem is she gave bad information. An expert at someone’s own face does not mean they have the knowledge, experience or results of a pro. A makeup enthusiast is not a makeup artist. I spent years honing my craft. No dispute that some people can be self taught. I’m not a dentist. I shouldn’t fill your cavities.

Open wide…let’s get to drilling!😁

5. This one is touchy but it does happen so I’m going to dive in. Another reason to give your artist to chose to pass on your business is unrealistic expectations. Social media and self editing tools have made this issue a beast for some beauty pros. A airbrush machine will not erase wrinkles, years of skin abuse, open wounds, etc. We have access to lots of tricks and most of the time we can make a great improvement for any issue. We ask that our clients provide photos for inspiration and we also ask that they show pictures of them when they felt good about they look. Pinterest/Instagram and Snapchat are full of high glam filters and photo shopped models. Most of our clients are not models. Hair artists too. We can use extensions and devote hours to a hair sculpture with an arsenal of products but that is not an achievable solution for many brides. Someone who never wears makeup might think they want a dramatic look until they see it on their own face. My esthetic is more celebrity inspired beauty that is a beautiful version of you and not an illusion.

Not our work!

Pinterest hair art

Not our work!

A BIG makeup from pinterest/we get this a lot and it’s almost always toned down

My intention are always good. Some might disagree with me, some might find this funny, and others are probably cheering me on. This is real life as wedding makeup professional. I love doing weddings. Its an honor to be chosen for the position of your makeup artist.


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