Makeup for Your Wedding Day

You got engaged! Now is the time to start planning and securing your wedding dream team! My first piece of advice, don’t let social media, family and friends dictate your wedding look. Its YOUR DAY and chose a pro who specifically works with weddings. There are many pros who are great at salon services but may not be the best choice if they aren’t “event” experienced. Beauty professionals who work off site know the drill. We bring all the necessary tools, products, and performance goals that someone who mostly works in one place may not understand.

Now let’s talk about choices for makeup. There is alot of information available via pinterest, Instagram, etc when you begin researching wedding makeup. My thoughts are that your wedding makeup should be a elegant, elevated, expertly applied version of makeup that you would normally wear. For example, if you love to play up your eyes, then hire a makeup artist that will work with you to create a wedding eye look that will dazzle your groom into fainting! Well maybe not fainting but at least let’s get him to cry. I feel if the groom sheds tears then my job is complete. If you don’t wear alot of makeup I suggest avoiding the “Cardi B” styles and going for more of royal wedding look (I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton).

Makeup by me

The problem with Pinterest and such is that their photos for inspiration are typically only done on models, there might be a ton of editing to the photos, and the lack of customization to the person. A bride with a hooded eye may want to have a makeup that is different from a bride with almond eyes, round eyes, or wide eyes. A makeup trial is the perfect time to work with your professional to create a taylored look that is unique to you, your overall wedding aesthetic and that is flattering to your features.

If you got engaged or know someone who did and wants to set up a trial, I’d love to hear from them. They can even use my booking link to schedule a meeting/trial run here

Makeup by me/Hair by Brooke Meadows

Photo by Ashley M Brown/ Shining Light Photography

I’d love to help all brides look their personal best on their wedding day!


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