Memorable Weddings

I thought it would be nice to share with you guys some really cool things I’ve seen at weddings as a make up artist and also as a guest.

Photo by Gary Barragan

One of the 1st weddings that comes to mind is one that I was the make up artist that took place at 21C. The groom was a professional Skateboarder, the bride Jessica, had lots of neat tattoos loves animals and the healing magical powers of crystals. You’re probably wondering how I got that bride,  I’m wondering that too but I can tell you her and I connected because she is a infectious individual! Her wedding day spoke to her lifestyle plus the love she had for her future husband. I remember I saw the ring box which was a glass vessel with moss and a unicorn surrounded by crystals. I said “where’s the ring bearer”.  A grown woman said “I’m right here”. I’ve never seen an adult ringbearer but I loved it. All the ladies wanted a mysterious dark look. Her dress was beaded with a nod to the magical environment in which they married. So very neat to share that experience. 21C was a perfect setting for this Chicago couple.

Photo by Wildaboutyoupix

Another wedding that comes to mind is when I was a guest at a wedding. The bride and groom had a rich history attached to the venue Churchill Downs. The bride actually married in Paddock area. The red roses and the Derby inspired décor was something Carrie had dreamed about all her life. I mean if you’re gonna have a Kentucky wedding why not have it at Churchill Downs.

Sometimes I meet brides and  I wish that we could talk all the time. And that was my bride Sarah Sahni. Sarah had a cultural wedding that took place at her parents home. There are many things at the time that I didn’t understand about cultural ceremonies. I love the rich colors and the jewelry and the elaborate opulence that takes place with these types of weddings. Sarah and I still talk to this day.

When my own daughter got married I wanted to make sure that her day was about her and her groom, my son-in-law Daniel. When she said she wanted to marry in our backyard I was so excited because we could make it special and unique for her. Plus she was very considerate trying to save her mama some money. Needless to say there was a lot of emotions at this wedding. When it’s your family it’s a big deal so I couldn’t write this blog without talking about how perfect she looked as a bride.

Photos by Gary Barragan

So to all the brides/grooms who got engaged over the holidays. I’m sure you’re trying to work out a plan on how to make your day the best.  Don’t be afraid to be different and personalize the experience to you and the person you will love for the rest of your life. Sometimes breaking the rules will make your day the most memorable.


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