Booking minimums

So I feel bad, I really do which is why I’m writing this blog. Many professional bridal artists who travel to you have booking minimums because we have to be smart. The minimum is either a number of services or a set dollar amount based upon the average size wedding the artist is targeting. Ours is 5 services or the equivalent of $450 per artist. This does not mean we won’t come to you for less than 5 people but it does mean that you will have a different rate than those bookings. I know, there are many bride only scenarios and that seems unfair but here is why these policies are in place.

Bridal beauty services require us to supply our client with quality products that stand up to performance standards for photography and endurance. That’s a hefty percentage of our expenses. Then there are income taxes, insurance and transportation expenses associated with our profession. We also have to make a profit. If we don’t profit then we can’t provide you with the best case scenario. Car problems, lack of insurance and tax avoidance directly affects both the artist and the client. A thriving professional in any career will translate into the services to clients.

A bride only booking can always opt for a service at our location based upon our availability for a better rate. The on location service for groups makes more sense because logistics of wrangling 10 bridesmaids is harder than a single bride.

It has become somewhat of a bonding experience for bridal parties to spend the morning getting pampered whether it be hair/makeup services, mimosas, yoga or brunch. What a better way to prepare for such an important moment.

Any Saturdays in May June Sept and October are peak days for weddings in Kentucky. The demand for services is highest during this time. This typically means we have little flexibility on group size during this time. If your wedding is on a different day or month you have more options in your vendor pool. Additionally travel during peak times can be a challenge. I have personally committed myself to only one wedding per day to give my weddings the ultimate experience which means your day is stress free as well as mine. I don’t want to rush thru a service so I can make multiple weddings. I have done it in the past and I’m not saying it’s the right choice for all artists but I chose to fully dedicate my time to one wedding at a time.

Whether your wedding is a small family only ceremony or a grand occasion for up to 500 people, I would love to be your makeup artist.


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