Wedding makeup trial run

Ok bride to be, you have done your research on possible vendors for makeup and now you are ready to narrow down your options. This article is to lay down the expectations of a wedding makeup trial appointment.

1. Know your artist’s work. Does it reflect the type of look you desire? If not move on…..your artist will be showing their skill in their portfolio.

Makeup by Pamela Butler

2. Understand price and booking information. Some artist charge a combined rate for trials and day of wedding while others charge a trial fee separately from wedding day. It’s like paying for bananas by the pound or piece.

Once your trial is completed, how long do you have to complete a contract and secure your date. Does your artist even do trials without a contract? We recommend try before you buy if you are unsure before legalizing your beauty professional.

3. Be prepared for questions. A makeup artist needs to know about allergies, sensitivity, skin type, lifestyle choices, and anything to do with your wedding style. Your makeup/hair needs to cohesive with your wedding gown, venue, florals, etc.

4. Bring only one guest or go alone. If you bring someone make sure they have your back and support your choices. It’s your day, you get to choose how you feel beautiful. You’ve heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” well too many people telling your artist what to do ends in frustration and confusion for everyone.

5. Be realistic. Good makeup begins with a healthy lifestyle, a skincare regimen and avoiding bad habits. Smoking, tanning, and dehydration, will directly affect your outcome. Your artist should discuss the appropriate ways to get you back to good habits.

Photo by Gary Barragan

6. Allow your artist enough time to understand your request. We ask for an hour to complete one bridal makeup application. We also recommend wearing the trial appointment makeup for a few hours to test durability of products. Everyone has different results based upon skin type and products.

7. Make sure your artist asks for Feedback! This is huge. Never feel like you are pressured into something! Artist need to make every effort to please you, the client!

For a makeup trial with me use this link

Let’s create a magical makeup just for you!


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