Leaders never stop Learning

I see it. You are a successful single entrepreneur. #girlboss #bossbabe #goaldigger Isn’t it just glorious being your own boss? Well yes, sort of…


1. YES I make my own schedule.

2. My company, my way

3. Controller/Ceo/President/Owner

4. Company philosophy works for me.

5. Gives no shit what “the man” is doing. I am the man.

Now real talk

1.No sick days, vacation pay, employer benefits provided (I’ve spent the last two weeks taking care of sick husband)

2. Self discipline is a art form in itself (set your alarm when to start working and when to Stop each day)

3. Fiscal responsibility( do artist even know math?) Know your profit/loss

4. Filters aren’t just for your Instagram stories. I teach myself not to exploit my business with my negative tongue.

5. Gives too much time to business forgets self, family, happiness and health.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was just Pamela Butler, Professional Makeup Artist. I was friends with my community of fellow MUAs but I didn’t have to worry them. I took every gig I could whether it made sense or not. Then I got bigger, needed a assistant. Then my assistant needed an assistant and then I needed hair stylists to make our makeup shine in photos. Boom! Today a team of 12 artists on our Kentucky Bridal Squad.

The first year in business my CPA said “Pam, you need more revenue. Raise your rates, increase your broker’s fees, add services” So I did and I got smarter about being in a profession that traditionally struggles. I listened. I watched. I screwed up until I got better at it. It was painful and hard. I have no reason to keep doing what I do other than I love it. I’m naturally nurturing. I’m also moody, stubborn and sensitive.

The number one reason I see people form a “glam squad” is for money. Ha! Hope you like giving it away for a few years. My website value alone is a years salary to some. The money I use to spend on vacations, shoes and clothes is now set aside for insurance, business demands and taxes. That is not making you nearly as excited as Charlotte Tilsbury’s new lipstick is it?

Some makeup friends flaked on me and in the process I lost some friendships. I didn’t enjoy this aspect of my new position at all. I became hyper devoted year 2 into building a brand and ignored my health. Weight issues, arthritis and anxiety disorders are common among business leaders so I too suffered from them.

I’m getting there. I am proud of my progress. I am not trying to change the world, I don’t think I’m a great but I feel accomplished enough for now. My husband supports me, my kids understand my love of work and the rest of my family enjoys watching my work life flourish. So my closing statement is this. If you derive joy from helping others, development, and retrospect then maybe having a team is your future. I wish you all the best. Call me if you need a hug.



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